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    Our Boys (owned and co-owned, currently being shown, used for breeding, or waiting in the wings - see "Retired Boys" link at bottom of page for males no longer actively used for breeding)

Stud service to approved show-quality bitches only - outside bitches may be temporarily co-owned with me if I do not know you for the duration of the litter so I can control where the pups are placed - I don't want to keep any money from the puppy sales but I want all pet pups to go out on spay/neuter contracts and intact show pups to either be kept by the bitch owner or go to established breeders on co-ownerships, only).

Note:  All titles are AKC (American Kennel Club), the only true, original dog registration and show organization in the U.S.  Abbreviation guide:  Ch. = conformation champion; Ch. pts. = conformation champion points); FCh. = field champion; DCh. = dual champion (both conformation and field championships); C.D. = companion dog; C.D.X. = companion dog excellent; U.D. = utility dog; T.D.= tracking dog; NA = novice agility; NAJ = novice agility jumpers; OA = open agility; OAJ = open agility jumpers; JE = junior earthdog; MS = miniature smooth designator
Ch. Duchwood Sounds of Silence MSP  
(Kinder's Light Saber MS [ch. pts.] x Duchwood's Black Pepper MS [ch. pts.]) 
Silas, co-owned with Christine Goddard in Tennessee, won Reserve Winners Dog at the 2002 Dachshund Club of America's National Specialty show!  He is very heavy-boned and low-stationed, with lots of front and rear angles plus superb movement.   His pups are outstanding and he has 8 champion sons and daughters to date, all with his heavy bone and wonderful movement.  However, Silas has produced a son with epilepsy, so he carries the gene recessively.  His co-owner has left him in a kennel run for the last year with no attention at all after a divorce, and clearly does not want the old dog, yet refuses to return poor Silas me where he would be a house dog. 
Ch. Duchwood's Lord Lennox MS  
(U.S./Can. Ch. Pawprints Grandgables Edition MS x DCh. Duchwood's All That Jazz MS)  
Lennox is somewhat smaller than his brother, Cameron, and has a truly perfect shoulder assembly with tons of layback AND a long upper arm.  His topline is perfect and he has tons of rear angles.  Ribbing and keel length are beautiful as well and he is a nice mover with a handcome head.  He is co-owned and lives with Lauren Richardson in Florida.  Lennox is a piebald carrier and apparently a homozygous red - he can produce only red or red piebald pups because he does not carry the black/tan gene.
Duchwood's Funny Fellow MS - in Massachusetts 
(Ch.Duchwood's Red Alert MS x Duchwood's Stepping Stone MS) 
Jester is a gorgeous, small boy who is a wonderful mover.  He has a perfect topline, lots of rear angles, a pretty head, and a good tail set.  He could use more bone and should tighten up in the elbows as he matures.  He took Reserve Winners Dog at the Hoosier Dachshund Specialty under breeder/judge Ron Spritzer, at the age of 8 months.  Jester went to live with Nancy Edwards, Nanlou Kennels, in Massachusetts, on co-ownership, but for some reason was never campaigned seriously in the show ring.
Ch. Duchwood's Movie Star MS - may be available to a special show home overseas   
(FCI/U.S Ch. Duchwood's Count Cameron MS x Lisego Nosa Buki Biaka) 
Gable is a stunning boy who looks just like his dad.  He has in incredible front assembly and a better rear than his sire.  His topline is perfect and his head is gorgeous.  His ribbing could be longer.  He turned out to be a flashy show dog who finished in Sept. 2009 with a BOS over the #2 Smooth Dachshund in the U.S.  He is turning out to be a nice producer with one daughter going Best of Breed her first time out at an FCI show in Estonia and winning all over the place overseas in 2012.  Gable is a size reducer and DOES NOT carry the piebald gene!
Duchwood Fields of Stone MS 
(Ch. Duchwood's Cast In Stone MS x Duchwood's Little Robin MS) 
Granite is a clone of his dad, Casper.  He is co-owned with Dianne Pickard, Beau Rivage Dachshunds, in North Carolina.  His co-owner has never sent me a picture of him in show pose.  He apparently will never be shown but we have no idea why not.
Duchwood's Jared MS - ch. pts. - available as a pet  
(Admindac It's Hardly Done x Duchwood's May In Milan MS) 
Jared is a handsome, very dark, mahogany red boy with nice front and rear angles, a perfect topline, nice ribbing and keel length, and a lovely head.  He is a little wide going away.  In 5 shows so far, he has won 3 RWD and 2 WD/BOW, but does not like to show, so is retired from the show ring.  Pedigree 
Ch. Duchwood's Quasar MS - available to a pet home  
(Ch. Duchwood's Count Cameron MS x Duchwood's Mighty Sprite MS) 
Quasar is such a handsome boy with incredible front and rear angles.  His tail set is high but he holds his tail down in the show ring.  His first time in the ring he took WD and BOW for 2 pts.  and he shows like a dream.  He has a perfect topline; handsome head with a melting expression; nice ribbing and keel length; and is a lovely mover.   We were going to sell him as a pet, but he started winning almost every time we showed him, and he started producing lovely pups, so he will stay here.  Goes BOV over #2 Smooth Dachshund to take 1st major, 12/09 and finished in style by going BOV over the Westminster winner in 2011!  Quasar was only bred once, and gave us a champion son.  He is now available as a neutered pet to a loving home.
Duchwood's Kane Kutter MS (ch. pts.)  
(Duchwood's Little Niles MS x Duchwood's Sylvan Hedonist MS) 
Kane is a pretty boy with a good topline, lovely front and rear angles and a pretty head.  He is a smooth mover and started his show career.  He matured around 10 lb.  Unfortunately, he lost a couple of front teeth in an accident and can no longer be shown.  We hope he turns out to be a good producer, although he has not yet been bred.
  Ch. MACH Duchwood's Tangled Web MS, MJS, MXS, MJB, CGC (field pts.) - finished with two 5-pt. majors!  
(Duchwood's Ramsey The Rake MS x Ch. Duchwood's Secular Sonnet MS)  
Tango is probably the best male piebald I've ever bred.  He is just stunning and almost impossible to fault except for his size.  He weighs around 13 lb.  He floats when he moves.  He is also my premier agility dog, my little "border collie", and is my first MACH dog on his way to MACH 2.  He has a temperament to die for - loves everyone and gets along with all dogs, and passes all his good qualities along to his pups.     Litter pedigree 
Duchwood's Good Timber MS, AX, AXJ (available to a special pet home who will continue his agility career towards a MACH - has 3 double Qs already)  
(Duchwood's Ramsey The Rake MS x Ch. Duchwood's Secular Sonnet MS)  
Timber is also almost as perfect as his brother, Tango, except that Timber is quite large at 15 lb. and too big to show.  He does agility, too, and loves it like Tango. He is also super cuddly and loves belly rubs.  He will stay here unless I find a good performance home for him to continue with agility, or will be available as a neutered pet once he finishes his last title.  He is not the producer that his brother is, and had only 1 litter.   Litter pedigree 
Duchwood's Out On The Town MS (carries chocolate and piebald) - for sale as a neutered pet 
(Admindac's Almond Joy MScp (ch. pts.) x Duchwood's Mighty Sprite MS)   
Otto is a small but sturdy boy with a good topline and nice front and rear angles.  His head is a little coarse but he has an active personality and is showing promise in the field as a bunny hunter.  We have decided to place him as either a pet since he is just a little too leggy for the U.S. show ring or as a show dog overseas.    Litter pedigree 
Duchwood's Just Jake MS  
(Duchwood's Alabama Bandit MS x Duchwood's Remember Me MS) 
Jake has lovely shoulders, short upper arm, nice ribbing and keel lengths, nice rear angles and a good topline but he needs more forechest.  He is a very nice mover and is showing promise as a bunny hunter.  Jake is quite small at around 9.5 lb.
Ch. Duchwood's Findlay MS - available to a show home 
(Ch. Lisego Nosa Vitamin Yu x Ch. Duchwood's Red Flannel Dress MS) 
Findlay is a handsome boy who finished his championship quickly and could easily become a Grand Champion.  He has lovely shoulder layback but is a little short in upper arm.  His ribbing and keel lengths are good but he could use a more prominent forechest.  His topline is perfect but he could use more rear angulation.  His head is handsome but his eyes should be more almond shaped.  He has decent side movement and a quirky sense of humor.
NEW 2013 Dual Ch. Duchwood's Gyronimo MS  
(Ch. Duchwood's Tangled Web MS, MX,MXJ, CGC x Duchwood's Little Laurel MS) 
Gyro is a more elegant clone of his dad and acts just like him.  He is a very nice boy with lovely front and rear angles, a good topline, and a handsome head.  He is a stunning mover and finished his field championship withing a few weeks of finishing his conformation championship.  His children are oustanding as well.
  Duchwood's Pavestone MS - (ch. pts.) - available as a show prospect on co-ownership 
(Ch. Duchwood's Count Cameron MS x Ch. Duchwood's Fairystone MS) 
Pavel is a direct descendent of our beloved, Corrie, the first piebald champion.  We just started showing him and he has won 2 out of his last 3 shows.  He loves to show.  This is a handsome, heavy-boned dark red boy with a level topline, good shoulder layback, lovely rear angles, and a gorgeous head.  His upper arm could be longer.  He is a good mover.
  NEW 2013 Ch. Duchwood's Polo Pony MS  
(Ch. Duchwood's Red Alert MS x Lisego Nosa Byaki-Buki) 
Polo is a little short in upper arm, but has good shoulder layback, a good topline and lovely rear angles.  He has a handsome head, a beautiful dark, mahogany red color, and good bone.  He is a lovely mover like his sire.  He will be a replacement for his late sire, Bryce.  Surprisingly, he carries the chocolate gene despite having a black nose, black nails, and black eye rims.
  Duchwood's Tye Dyed Pye MS 
(Ch. Duchwood's Count Cameron MS x Duchwood's On The Dark Side MS)  
Tye is an adorable little guy with nice rear angles, good ribbing and keel lengths, good toplihne, but is a little forward in the shoulders.  He is a lovely mover and has a cute personality.  He will be a lovely replacement for his sire.  He is quite prepotent, siring 6 pups, each, in his first 2 litters.  Tye is a size reducer.
NEW 2013 Dual Ch. Duchwood's Klark Kent MS - available to a show home  
(Ch. Duchwood's Movie Star MS x Duchwood's Short Story MS) 
Klark is a stunning boy who looks a lot like his sire in a much smaller package.  He has good shoulder layback but a short upper arm, a good topline, good ribbing and keel lengths, and OK rear angles. He finished his breed championship with 4 majors and finished his field championship in less than a year.  He is tiny and produces lovely little pups.  He could easily finish his Grand Championship.
New 2013 Field Ch. Duchwood's Pirate Prince MS  (ch. pts., NAJ leg) 
(Ch. Duchwood's Tangled Web MS, MX, MXJ, MJB, CGC, field pts. x FCh. Duchwood's Slow Burn MS, NAP, NJP, NAJ) 
Pirate is a handsome boy who looks like his sire.  He is a lovely mover and a crazy, eager hunter who finished his field championship in less than a year.  He is also in training in agility with the same happy attitude as his sire and dam and now has a Novice Jumpers leg.
  Duchwood's Nefarious Ned MS 
(Ch. Duchwood's Movie Star MS x Duchwood's Novella MS) 
Ned is a dark red, perpetually happy boy who stayed rather small.  He has massive bone for his size, lovely front and rear angles (a little short in upper arm), a good topline, and is a smooth mover.  He loves dog shows and should be a fun guy for shows and performance events (incredible jumper).  He took 4th place and got an Excellent rating in the youth class at the World Dog Show in Paris, July 2011, out of a class of 13!
Duchwood's Sir Evan MS - (5 pt. major, 1 single) - available as a show prospect on co-ownership 
(Ch. Lisego Nosa Vitamin Yu x Duchwood's Orcadian Maiden MS) 
Evan is a handsome boy and is maturing nicely.  His head is gorgeous and his topline is dead level.  He is a good mover and has a friendly temperament.  His first shows were in Dec. 2011 where he garnered a point and a couple of reserves.  We put him up for a few months, but he has now filled out and picked up that 5 pt. major at mini roundup weekend in MO in June 2012.  He will be campaigned to his championship next year.
New 2013 Field Ch. Duchwood's Royal Riddle MS  
(Ch. Duchwood's Tangled Web MS, MX, MXJ, MJB, CGC, field pts. x Ch. Duchwood's Parisol Painting MS) 
Ridley is looking more and more like his sire every day.  He is a friendly, cheerful guy with wonderful bone, lovely front and rear angles, long ribbing and keel lengths, a gorgeous head and a good topline.  He is a good bunny hunter and finished his field championship in less than a year.  We will now concentrate on agility.
  Duchwood's Cartouche MS- may be available on a show co-ownership (field pts.) 
(Ch. Duchwood's Gamekeeper MS x Duchwood's Cow Patti MS) 
Carter is turning out to be a stunning boy with a darling personality.  He will be smaller than dad, but every bit as nice or even nicer.  Not much bad to say about him other than he could have more bone and be a little lower on leg, but he's going through a teenage, gawky stage now.  He has recently started hunting bunnies and has a 2nd place at his first field trial.
  Duchwood's Vaunted One MS (ch.pts., both majors) 
(Ch. Duchwood's Count Cameron MS x Duchwood's Miss Piggy MS) 
Vaughn is turning out to be a lovely replacement for his sire who has gone to Finland.  He started his show career in the spring of 2014 with 2 back-to-back majors.
  Duchwood's Josie Wales MS - available to a show home 
(Duchwoo's Jared MS, ch. pts. x Duchwood's Orcadian Maiden MS) 
Josie is a gorgeous dark red boy with wonderful front and rear angles.  He will stay here as a show prospect for now.
  Duchwood's Lucky To Be Alive MS - ch. pts. 
(Ch. Dynadaux With Four On The Floor MS x Duchwood's Enchantress MS, ch. pts.) 
Lucas ended up being an only pup after his mom managed to lay on, and kill, his 3 other siblings.  It is a miracle that he lived, but after 4 days, his mother finally decided to be a model dam.  Lucas is very spoiled and impossibly cute, not to mention his gorgeous conformation.  He started his show career in 2014.
Duchwood's Bowie Blade MS 
(Duchwood's Tye Dyed Pye MS x Duchwood's Orcadian Maiden MS) 
Blade looks just like his dad with the same whacky temperament.  He's a tiny, heavy boned, boy who is just beautiful and will stay here as a show and performance prospect.  He has already started showing interest in bunny hunting.
Duchwood's Lord Yorick MS (ch. pts.) 
(Duchwood's Tye Dyed Pye MS x Duchwood's Enchantress MS) 
Yorick is a bold, outgoing guy with wonderful conformation and will stay here as a show/performance prospect for now unless we can find him the perfect show/performance home.  He likes bunny hunting, too.
Duchwood's I Of The Storm MS 
(Ch. Duchwood's Quasar MS x Duchwood's Lady Erica MS) 
Isaac is a heavy-boned, low to the ground boy with lovely angles and a perfect topline.  He will stay here as a show/performance prospect.
Duchwood's Frostee Freeze MS 
(Ch. Duchwood's Polo Pony MS x Ch. Duchwood's Distant Vista MS) 
Frostee is our first chocolate/tan piebald and was a big surprise.  He is turning out quite lovely and will stay here as a show prospect.

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