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   Photos of Duchwood Dachshunds in their new homes
Zeke (Ruby x Bryce) enjoying his new home in New York City. 
Sugar (aka "Bumper") modeling her haut cuture in Arkansas. 
Gracie (Mandy x Crosby) and her new mom in Olympia, WA Ruby with her half-sister, Abigail, in her retirement home in Florida.
Pi (Am./Can. Ch. Duchwood's Cedarhurst PI MS, V.C., C.D., J.E., R.E., NJP) flying over his jumps in an agility trial.  Pi is owned, trained and loved by Kathy Johnson in Duluth, MN.   Selma (Pierce x Danni) with her "sister" Maggie in her new home in New Orleans.
Winnie (Casper x Robin) with her Bengal cat "friend" Sissy in California.
Marshall & Bailey              Marshall & Isaac               Marshall (Mandy x Crosby) & Lizzie 
in his new home in Michigan 

Marshall looking pensive

Bacchus in his new home in Louisiana.
Star (Lea x Wolfie) with her new owners in Houston.  
 Hunter (Mira x Wolfie) relaxing in his new home in Houston 
Johnny (Princess x Beachie) and Janet in Massachusetts looking very pleased with their Best In Show ribbons from the 2003 Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Society Dog Show! Abigail (Corrie x Streaker) celebrating Xmas 2003 in Florida
Thorne (Afton x Cody) in his new home in Canada.  He loves his "cousin" Rosie. 
 Here's more of Thorne!
Murphy (red - Cybil x Bryce) and Oscar (Blk/tan - formerly known as Ferris- Danni x Pierce) are best buddies in their home in Austin, TX. Beemer (Princes x AJ) at 7 months in Shreveport, LA.
Miranda and Fargo (Bryce x Lindy) in Canada taking Best Junior Handler!  A new team is born!  We're proud of this talented girl and her piebald dachshund! Trixie (Noah x Demi) and Brenda in California winning their C.D. obedience degree!  We're proud of this talented team!
Daisy (Jazz x Decker red girl) and Leo (Jedi x Dacey b/t boy) "in the driver's seat" and at their cabin in Alaska.
 Pixie Petunia with her new owners, John and Norma, in Mississippi.  This is one spoiled little girl!
Mia (Ruby x Aidon) in Houston loves soccer AND rolls of toilet paper!
Fergus (Decker x Mira) in his new home in Houston with his owner and a new "old" friend, Pretzel.
Trader (Decker x Pepper) and his new friend, Ashlee (the b/t longhair), in his new home in Ft. Myers, Florida. Rudi (Pepper x Decker) in his new home in Houston 
Queen" Babs (Mira x Decker) in her new home in Mississipp 
Jonathan (Princess x Beachie) in his new home in Massachusetts
Tick (Jazz x Meilyr) greeting her new "big sister" BeBe in Minnesota, and giving kisses to her new owner, Garrett. 
Abigail (Corrie x Streaker) in Florida keeping her humans safe by checking all nooks and crannies for those nasty lizards and snakes. 
Shayla (Princess x Cowboy) doing guard duty to keep the deck safe from box turtles in Texas  Stella (Panda x Billy) with the flying ears in agility and heeling in obedience.  She is probably now the most titled Duchwood dog ever!  Her official name is Field Ch. Duchwood Great Expectations MS, C.D.X., AX, NAP, AXJ, OJP  She was tied for High In Trial at the DCA national obedience show in Syracuse, May 2003.  She was also No. 1 Obedience Hound for 2003.  Now onto her U.D.! We're proud of this obedient, speedy girl who loves to hunt bunnies!  Thanks to her owner, Holly, in Tennessee, for letting Stella train her so well!
The handsome Mr. Boudreaux in College Station, Texas.  
Libby (Meg x Wolfie) intent on a squirrel at home in Texas. 
Andy (Lindy x Basil) with his Viszla "sister", Ruby, in his new home in  Houston. Belle in Houston
Belle, Dusty, CJ, and Kieran lounging around in Houston. Kieran (Princess x Cowby - also Shayla's brother and Belle's companion (see above) - in Houston.
Daisy (Jazz x Decker) and her "castle condo" in Alaska.  Is she spoiled or what? Fritz (Pepper x Jedi), the graduate, in his new home in North Carolina
Amelia "Ear"hart in Illinois with her buddy, Max 
Amelia says "did I hear that magic word, TOY?"
Trey seeing snow for the first time at his new home in Michigan. Kai (Pepper x Decker) in her new home in Louisiana.
Sammy at 8 1/2 mos. in Louisiana - this guy eats like a horse but you'd never know it - he runs it off! Miles (Meg x Wolfie), "big sister" Nala, and Ryan (Halley x Quigley) in their new home in Illinois
Jinx in her carseat and with her dapple friend (after a squirrel) in Louisiana
Buddy (Jazz x Decker) in Texas
Dexter (formerly known as Yorwyn  - on the right - Princess x Cowboy) with his new "big sister" Schatzi in his new home in Texas   
Butter Bean with Larry and Deborah - her "pit crew" for the Weiner Dog Nationals in Houston Texas, where this little girl took 4th place in 2002 and made the semi-finals in 2003!
Miranda and Annalise welcome Dacey (Meg x Wolfie) to their show home in Canada  
Heintz (Corrie x Phoenix) in Louisiana
Heidi (Jazz x Decker) and friend, Brandy, in Alaska
Dusty & Kit (Pebbles x Webster) in Texas
 Bogey (Jazz x Decker) in New Orleans relaxing on "his" sofa and giving his best "vulture" impression Pilar (Princess x Noah) in Louisiana
 Spot, a girl's best friend and sleeping buddy, in Houston.  The cutie in purple is Kendall.  On a sad note, Spot recently passed away. 
Chase and Lesa (formerly known as Lea [Paige x Spanky]}) relaxing in Houston
  Brady in his new home in Houston, TX.  Brady was adopted at almost 2 years of age. Marina and Piper (formerly known as Jenna [Aidon x Meg) in her new home in Florida.
Beemer (Princess x Aj) showing off her "computer skills" in her new home in Louisiana.    Xander showing off his "formal" winter coat and his "sporty" sweater (he's a NASCAR fan) in his new home in Houston, TX.  He thinks that red compliments his coloring best.

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